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Do you ever get told, "Hey, you should turn your art into tattoos!" all the time? Or, "Wow, your art is so cool, I'd LOVE to get it tattooed on me!"  


Did you know artists are becoming multipassionate creatives, adding tattooing as an additional income stream and making six-figure incomes?


 Yep! It's incredible, true, and this is part of the reason info is being gatekept from you. 

I'm Justine
, the founder of Earth Altar Studio in Los Angeles,
 an inspiring place where we create tattoos, art and teach intuitive tattooing workshops.

If you've been thinking about diving into a traditional tattoo apprenticeship, it can be scary and overwhelming if you've ever tried to look into learning to tattoo online. There's so much advice out there, but much of it can be sketchy. For example, some folks say you can learn from YouTube or TikTok, but that's risky. You might pick up bad habits or even hurt someone!
And if you've ever felt lost or overwhelmed just thinking about doing a two-year, long, 24/7 apprenticeship, well, you're not alone. The tattoo industry can sometimes feel difficult to decode and penetrate. But guess what? It's not your fault! The tattoo industry is changing for good and I am here as a source of safe, open, honest support for you.
So join me in the most sacred and safe place on earth to talk about tattooing, The Intuitive Tattoo Society. 
 You are invited, it's free and I created this JUST for you! 
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WHAT CHANGED: I didn't start a career in art or tattooing to make money; that was not my intention. My goal was always to have a soul-fulfilling life, and that meant doing whatever I could to make art every day, no matter what! I needed to survive, yes, but my soul needed to create. After I got into tattooing, my entire life changed, and I realized that my financial stability was actually... stable by making art only for the first time!


 INTENTION FOR THE INTUITIVE TATTOO SOCIETY: I wanted to create a safe and welcoming place for all aspiring tattoo artists to gather, connect, and get helpful, honest, proper advice about what path to choose, what apprenticeship opportunities are best, and what to look out for. 


 GOAL FOR YOU: Discover how to learn to tattoo faster, more efficiently, and in a happier way! And in a way that will save you time and money too! 


 INSIDE THE SOCIETY: You get to ask any questions about learning to tattoo and becoming a tattoo artist. I want you to know I am here for you, and I won't hold anything back! 


 So, join me! Sign up, and let me help you navigate the next creative chapter of your life...


Expert Guidance 

Learn from Justine Almaraz, a professional fine artist since 2007, a tattoo artist for 15 years, and a tattoo apprentice mentor for over nine years.

Visit Justine's studio to check out her past apprentices.

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