Have you ever felt like you have a creative calling hidden deep inside your soul that no one has ever seen before, let alone yourself?

Can you imagine what would be possible if you committed to making art, being the artist, and living the dreamy artist life you’ve been dreaming of? The golden floodgates of opportunity are about to open up to you! Are you ready to learn about my exact system to activate the epic artist inside of you?!

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Only 25% of individuals believe they’re living up to their creative potential.


Only 25% of individuals feel they’re maximizing their creative potential.

Does this sound like a stat you want to be a part of?

If not, I have a creative potential maximizing solution for you! 

I'm Ready To Learn More


You Can Create A Legacy With Your Art

I designed this system so you can learn to decode and develop your intuitive signature style using a simple step-by-step formula to create meaningful art collections.


  • Are you ready to learn how to:  

      • Make premium quality sacred collections of art in your OWN signature style
      • Make art so unique it is recognizable that you made it
      • Understand how to make the art that is inside your soul
      • Activate The 7 Intuitive Art Initiations
      • Know how to use professional materials that will last lifetimes
      • Know what tools you need to present your art properly and professionally
      • Learn how to use my Intuitive Art Syle Decoding System™
      • Collection of Activation Meditations For Artists
      • Intuitive Color Theory + Composition
      • Intuitive Painting Tutorials - Ink + Oil + Gold Leaf
      • Co-Creation Artwork Mastery™
      • How to co-create “Intention Infused Symbols”
      • Access Formula To The Infinite Well of Creativity™
      • Art Digitizing + Preservation 
      • Professional Art Presentation Experience  
  • Bonus: 6 Month Access & Trial Membership To The Intuitive Artist Society™ + Intuitive Artist Initiation™ Q:A Lounge 

Yes, It Really Is Possible And Specially Designed For Aspiring and Emerging Artists

In The Intuitive Artist Initiation, you’ll learn to participate in the world as a confident, professional, premium-quality artist, making art with meaning, impact, and heart! 


Imagine In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Finally, feel proud and confident presenting your art publicly.
  • Have a complete, premium collection of meaningful art in your signature style. 
  • Be seen and  recognized while inspiring others with your artwork

The 7 Intuitive Art initiations can make your art seriously POP, taking you to a new level.

Imagine what your soul will feel like when you complete this program and your new art collection, knowing how to repeat the process repeatedly. For me, it made me feel like I could die happy, fulfilled, and complete! I know you will be soul-filled too!



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You Are Ready To Take Your Creativeity To A premium quality level to attract premium quality experiences, collectors and opportunities? 


This on-demand, go-at-your-own-speed course will teach you everything you need to know to create a premium quality collection of artwork intuitively and confidently so you can proudly share, show, and sell it!

What's Included In The Intuitive Art Initiation™ Program? ...


Intro To Intuitive Art

  • Fundamentals of intuitive art, energy of colors, and the science of creativity to support your art development
  • Setting up intuitive art-making systems for success in your life
  • The practice of using meditation for the intuitive art creation  framework



Co-Creation Mastery

  • How to actively co-create tangible artworks from the intangible world
  • Intuitively design and decode the innate symbols your soul creates
  • How to communicate clearly with your intuitive art and take your art to a premium quality level for others to deeply resonate with, heal with, and gain profound inspiration from. 



Professional Intutive Artwork Authentication

  • Access Formula To The Infinite Well of Creativity™
  • Art Digitizing + Preservation Skills
  • The Professional Art Presentation Experience


This Is For You If...

  • You are drowning in dullness
  • You aren’t sure if you can even draw; it's been that long!
  • You don’t know if you can live another day without at least trying to express yourself artistically and give it a real shot! 
  • You dream of living a more creative, passionate, inspiring life where you can activate others, heal them, and make a difference with your art. 
  • You want to leave a legacy with your art.
  • You want to feel proud of your art and know that you are making it right, professionally. 
  • You want to activate more flow in every area of your life, especially the creative abundance area! 

I'm Justine

Justine has a ceremonial art practice, painting large-scale abstract landscapes inspired by the ocean and cosmos. She dances between creating intuitive paintings and tattoos for her devoted clients. She has been teaching art for over 25 years and tattooing for nine years, finding much of her soul’s purpose in passing down the sacred practice of these art forms to her students locally and internationally through her online platform and Downtown Los Angeles studio space.

Earth Altar Studio’s mission is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive creative community where artists converge to craft powerful legacies through their art—aspiring to foster a culture that nurtures individual artistic expression and cultivates financial success for our artists. With a deep commitment to community impact, we aim to enhance the world through the transformative power of art, tattooing and education.


The Intuitive Art Initiation™ Program

Tuition $2800

Your Investment Today Is Only $1500

SAVE $1300 - Summer School Scholarship - Ends Oct 31, 2024

 BONUS: Get Access To Community Membership: 

  • Bonus 6 Month Access & Trial Membership To The Intuitive Artist Society™ + Intuitive Artist Initiation™ Q:A Lounge 
YES! Enroll Me In The Intuitive Art Initiation NOW!