“Justine puts so much love and intention into what she does. You can tell that Justine is working directly from her heart as she crafts your experience. Her line work is impeccable and she has such a delicate hand so the needle hardly hurt during the tattooing. It’s like Justine was just uncovering what was already on my skin to begin with! It was such a magical experience for me. My tattoo symbolizes so much to me and my own personal journey and it was an honor to have Justine be a part of it.”


“Very high praise for Justine as an intuitive tattoo artist, and for her whole lovingly run studio of artists. Justine has a gentle presence, and her process of intuiting your design is amazing. I went into both of my sessions (one for each arm) knowing my intention for wanting the tatt, but not having a clue on design. I just loved Justine's fine line work (which you can see on Earth Alter's web site). Both times we spent about an hour on the design process: first talking about my energetic intention for the tattoo, then closing my eyes while she drew on my body. When she's done drawing, she leaves you to sit with it for a little while, and then happily takes feedback, making adjustments as you like. For my tatts, it was then another couple of hours getting inked, most of which were fairly painless. (It's just that last 20-30 minutes! Whew). High holy experience seeing my energy captured so beautifully on my body. Thank you Justine! So grateful for your artistry!”


“I got the most beautiful intuitive tattoo from Justine. She is a very special artist, a soulful and thoughtful hand, and she infuses her work with love. THE BEST. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. DON'T WALK - RUN”


 “A unique and very personalized tattoo experience. The medical grade care and cleanliness is impressive.”


Working with Justine was an amazing, unique, experience. I love my tattoo- it's gorgeous with meaning that evolves as I look at it.” 


“I cannot say enough about Justine.  She recently did my first tattoo.  Along with receiving an excellent tattoo, I wanted my experience to be a peaceful, sacred one.  I certainly got that.  Justine is a beautiful, calming presence and she is a talented artist.  The space is light and airy.  Not at all your typical tattoo parlor.  I was served tea and cookies:).  I can't wait to go back for my next one:)”


“What can I say, Thank You Justine I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity for this amazing intuitive tattoo. I got to know Justine a little better during the pandemic, and if I hadn't already been in love with her art, I was doubly so after getting the opportunity to talk with her about art and creating and connecting with your passion. I was shocked beyond belief when my husband and friends gifted me this tattoo experience for Yule of 2020. Of course, the studio wasn't open yet, but I was more than happy to patiently wait. And then I kept waiting for "the right time" to book. I wanted to be in better shape, feel more fit... blah blah blah. I put it off. But then I realized the disservice I was doing my body by not honoring it in its current form. After all, it got me through some of the most uncertain times we've had. Today was my love letter to my body, where we've been and the work we'll embark on. Justine honored my wishes to incorporate a previous piece and do it in white ink. She has a beautiful, gentle soul and an equally gentle hand. The work is stunning and I can't wait for it to heal. There are so many subtle details that you can't see just yet, especially with the clear bandage on (that's what makes the bubbles). The studio is beautiful and clean with amazing energy. 


I recommend this beautiful service to anyone looking to honor the energy of intention in their body art I'll try to post picture updates once it heals. I'll be looking forward to my next piece from Earth Altar.”