Want to learn how to create art intuitively + discover your unique signature style? 

Create A  Collection of Intuitive Art In Your Own Signature Style

Consider The Intuitive Artists Initiation Course an undergraduate program for visual artists who want to deepen their creative skills, intuitive abilities and dive into creating a high quality collection of intuitive art that can open exciting opportunities for creative growth.

In this 12 month course you will learn everything you need to know to create your own intuitive collection of artwork, develop your signature style and hone your skills, techniques.

Learn my techniques for accessing deep levels of intuition to tune deeply into your creative flow state

  • Do you know you have a calling to help heal and serve others with your art but don’t know where to start? 

  • Want to confidently create new intuitive art you actually like and understand how it can help others?

  • Are you feeling lonely in your spiritual creative journey and want to connect with your soulmate artist community?  

  •  Are you ready to stop feeling stuck, blocked, and unclear when you start to make your artwork?

If you resonate with these questions this course was created to help guide you to thrive as a visual artist.

This course was designed for experiences artist and beginners. No experience is necessary to begin, just the desire to create from a deep place in your soul. 

Here are  some key  features you  will have  access to:

   Co-creativity fundamentals + tool for daily practice

    Multi media experimentation + technique development

   Learn intuitive water based oil painting techniques + alcohol inks

   Signature Style formation + development

   Understanding Intuitive communication through visual mediums

   Science of creativity + brainwave activation for artists

   Guided meditations to activate your creativity

   How to photograph your art:  digitize + preserve 

   Master understanding of your unique style and what your own art actually means

   Access to our community for collaborations + feedback + support

  Monthly LIVE coaching/tutorials + brainwave activations

   Bonuses + VIP Experiences With Discounted Access


All The Tools You Need To  Build A Successful  Intuitive Collection of Artwork

This program is centered around community connection. You will be immersed in an online setting with other artists who have the same values as yourself which will support your creative growth exponentially.


Your Artistic  Success Looks Like:

  • You will finish this course with creative confidence, clarity and focus.
  • If you commit and devote yourself to the intensive projects and do the work you will have a collection of art that authentically represents your purest self.
  • You will radiate confidence in your work and know who you are and where you will take your artwork next. 
  • Intuitive artists need each other to thrive and shine bright in this world. Get ready to be immersed in our intuitive artist initiation community with live monthly coaching to give you ongoing support and friendship that can last a lifetime.

If this sparks inspiration in you body and soul as you read this it is a sign that you are in divine alignment with the teachings in The Intuitive Artist Initiation.

Join us.