Do you know you are ready to dive deep into your professional career as an artist? 


Need Full Access + Lifetime Access to a mentor who can support you as you grow ever time, in your own time?


Looking for a community to share, grow and collaborate with + who really get who you truly are?


Want access to live teachings and workshops + exclusive artist events?


Desire limitless growth and support with your intuitive art + entrepreneurial journey?


Need tools to build and structure a conscious business model that will help you truly thrive?


Know you need an intimate learning space where you can have direct 1:1 feedback and guidance to suit your goals and dreams?


Know you are meant to serve the world as an artist in a big way and are ready to fully commit to living a devoted life to becoming a full-time, fully expressed artist with a mission?

If the answer is YES?! Then this program was made exactly for you! 

The Intuitive Artist Pro, is the one and only program to support your ever evolving artistic entrepreneurial growth as you become the most true, authentic artists you can be. You will have full, life-time access to my creative systems, painting techniques, and step-by-step proven methods to help you reach measurable, achievable artistic goals that will solidify a firm foundation in your new career.  Designed to support aspiring visual artists and tattoo artists take their skills and practices to new levels of professionalism to build respected, creative legacies that serve others.


What you will experience:

   Learn the tools to become a full time artist

   Expand and strengthen your artistic skills

  Sacred Selling

  Master Art Marketing

  Systems for artistic entrepreneurship

   Authentic Business skills for conscious artists

  Exercise and activate your creative visionary abilities

  Collaborate and connect with a community of intuitive artists who evolve with you

  Co-Create + develop your unique signature offer to serve others with your creativity

  Learn artistic tools + techniques to enhance your visual art creation skills and abilities

   Realtime creative feedback and customized support as you grow

  Enjoy in-person experiences

  Study on your own time with our online curriculum

  Learn and create at your own speed on your own schedule + build momentum in your business

  Lifetime membership + full access

  Step-by-step method to create a thriving artistic lifestyle

  Access to our international intuitive artist community

  Our Community is a nourishing space for support + a place to make soul-mate-level friendships.

  We are always growing with you, guiding you step-by-step, while nurturing your intuitive, entrepreneurial creative journey whenever and wherever you need it.


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