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The #1 Mistake You Make That Kills Your Creativity Causing Depression And Leading You To LIVE AND DIE A Life Unfulfilled


This LIVE Masterclass has been created to inject more passion and inspiration into your creativity. We will focus on the art of intuitive painting to activate this powerful energy inside of you. 

You are in the right place if you are a professional who is DONE hiding your inner artist within, DONE with the inability to access the sensual inspiration that you only get when you (once a blue moon) access flow state. This masterclass has your answers waiting inside!

Truth be told, it is already COSTING you time, years of your precious life, money and energy to not have this activated in you.

FREE HINT: Creative, passionate energy is the most attractive quality you can possess and when you can tap into this easily and effortlessly (like you will learn to do in this class) you will powerfully attract the right people to you, the right clients and the right art collectors. (wink) Got it! I've got SO much to share with you!

Don't let this sit on the shelf, LET'S GO! 

What you'll get to learn:

  • How to use techniques to clear creativity blocks so you can stop keeping your art hidden inside yourself.
  • Activate your inner intuitive artist so you can utilize the co-creative painting process.
  • How to detect elements of your own art style, how to hone this and enhance it.
  • How cultivate infinite inspiration when ever you call on it. 
  • How to make the art your soul really desires to create and what to do with it next. Do you share it, sell it, give it away? Make art for your clients in your professional practice? You will gain clarity on all of this in our LIVE sessions. 

 REFUND POLICY: If you are not 100% Satisfied you can apply for a FULL Refund which must be submitted verbally via zoom at the end of the last session.