Justine Almaraz is an intuitive, spiritually inspired fine artist, painter, intuitive tattooer, and educator. Passionate about artistic stewardship and entrepreneurship, Justine founded Earth Altar Studio, a studio dedicated to the growth of artists who support our community by creating premium quality, intentional, and inclusive tattoo experiences. 


Justine has a ceremonial art practice, painting large-scale abstract landscapes inspired by the ocean and cosmos. She dances between creating intuitive paintings and tattoos for her devoted clients.


Spiritually guided to learn the art of tattooing in 2008, she dedicated herself to a traditional tattoo apprenticeship and dropped out after one year, leading her to work in a private studio environment to develop a more inclusive and kind approach to the experience offered to her clients.


Justine has been creating fine line, fine art style tattoos for 15 years and established her way of sacred tattooing in 2014 through a process she calls Intuitive Tattooing, a significant, mindful, and intentional approach. 


She has been teaching art for over 25 years and tattooing for nine years, finding much of her soul’s purpose in passing down the sacred practice of these art forms to her students locally and internationally through her online platform and Downtown Los Angeles studio space. 


Earth Altar Studio’s mission is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive creative community where artists converge to craft powerful legacies through their art—aspiring to foster a culture that nurtures individual artistic expression and cultivates financial success for our artists. With a deep commitment to community impact, we aim to enhance the world through the transformative power of art and tattooing.