The Process: 

With vibrant spray-painted strokes inspired by the graffiti in and around Los Angeles, I set the foundation of each painting. I then add dippy acrylics and watercolors followed by fine details and thick cake-like layers of oil paint upon these water-based materials, sometimes topped off with glossy, glazed coats of iridescent resin, reminiscent of the veils of our spiritual reality, connections, and experiences we can have with the Divine.


I am captivated...

...by the romantic ideas of Heaven and magical environments. I transmute "rainbiotic" frequencies through my paintings to wake up the visionary abilities of each viewer, lighting them up to a new level of consciousness, instantly.

Over the past decade, I have explored the spiritual power of the ocean, the cosmos, and multidimensional creatures, through painting abstract landscapes. Inspired by the idea that we can revitalize our natural world to a higher level of beauty and purity I am focusing on a new collection of work that is solely influenced by the visions I have begun to have about a “New Heaven” on Earth. I am interested in dissecting ancient spiritual texts, and biblical passages and meditating on them to download the visual blueprints for this New Heaven as a roadmap for what we can potentially begin to experience “on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Want a piece of living art?

Check out my intuitive tattoo portfolio